My exhibit at Ground Zero


First, I’ld like to say thank you to the owners of Ground Zero  Thea & GMetal.

I have been invited to display some pieces at Ground Zero’s Artist village YaY!  slurl :

Ground Zero Music and Art is a music venue, art exhibition space, and hangout place. They have great music every Thursday featuring many great SL musicians from 8p-10p . There’s a great atmosphere and friendly people. One of SL’s best venues hands down.

Make sure to check it out!  Join the group and  follow the  other  events here too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ground Zero is also home to Theadee’s Wawata Gallery ,please check it out via the teleport pads located at the landing points or the slurl is . Your support means a lot!

My Main Gallery :
Building still being decorated but some art is on display in it  , so pass by or check out my growing marketplace store.
100% goes into bringing musicians to My Wish & supporting live music in SL.
Currently shooting sims that intrigue me & the most interesting Venues interest me too.
Portraits/People I love too.
See my pics here:
Contact me for rates TY!


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