Furry Fair 2014 ~ Opens March 1st!


I got a sneek peek at Furry Fair created by PotPourri Markets, owned by Taylor Flanagan and chloe Seljan. They are the creators of Pumpkin Town 2013 and Snowville 2013 and more. I personally met them because they love to support and present live music. I instantly fell  in love with the markets a few years ago as they are very whimsical and I love that. I enjoy my visits to all their festivals.

Furry Fair is a new world created by PotPourri Markets, with the collaboration of Athora Toxx (PIX’L). A world dedicated to furries. There will great live music , djs , freebies and more!

There are also two amazing galleries in the sky reached by clouds, find the clouds and you will find works by French artist Patrick Moya ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Moya) as well as Athora Toxx, both have amazing and very different styles.

Furry Fair opens on March 1st, 2014 and runs all month. Keep an eye on my blog as I become a Furry and blog on my experiences and of course some photo fun!

Furry Fair Info:

>>> You can find event info here:

>>> Special things for Furry Fair 2014:

>>> Furry Fair will be having Feed A Smile events

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* Nominated for the best SL Group at 2013 Avi Choice Awards
* Nominated for the best SL event, with Pumpkin Town, at 2013 Avi Choice Awards

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