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The Lefevre Mansion ~ A Kaya Angel masterpiece!


Today, well now yesterday (3/2/2014)  I attended the Grand Opening of The  Lefevre Mansion built for Marcus Lefevre and family. Lefevre Mansion Park  , the adjoining sim was also opened and is a nice stroll either out the back door or as you walk the grounds .

From about land :

The Lefevre Mansion is the private, but open home of Marcus Lefevre and his family, designed, built and landscaped by Kaya Angel, owner and creator of The Rose Theater.
The mansion is open for everyone, available for events. Contact Frolic Mills

Kaya Angel is one of my favorite builders in Second Life . Even so until today I have not tackled photographing any  of Angel Manor yet besides The Rose Theater area. Today I wanted to go to the opening and enjoy all the festivities, well I went but spent my day photographing this amazing gift that was created by one friend for another. I love architecture and beautiful landscaped grounds so I was just drawn in.

Hope you enjoy my shots of the mansion and it’s grounds, there’s much to explore and as always I’ve left the inside for you to explore.  I also left some of my favs to display in my gallery asap

Your limo to Lefevre Mansion:


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