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I visit Fantasy China …….A well replicated step back in time.


I was recently invited to blog a sim called Fantasy China by alial Allen. She’d seen my blog on the Lefevre Mansion and invited me to the sim to have a look. As you will see I was blown away at this build. Built by Peter Bowler and alial Allen .You actually feel submerged in Chinese culture and atmosphere. The new build using mesh is beautifully accurate and vibrant.  You can see the love for the culture and time period in Peter’s work.

Fantasy China has been in SL since 2007 and admittedly I’ve never visited, it is by far one of those must see sims. I really enjoyed the feel of being in ancient China. I spent a few days here just enjoying taking photos. To my surprise I was gifted two of Stone Ryba’s  hand painted costumes to take photos in and wow they are beautiful works of art he made.

I do hope you enjoy my photos and please visit the sim and see and feel for yourself :

From about land  : Come to Fantasy China and explore a long distance dynasty. Ancient historical chinese costumes can be found in our store made by the amazing imagination of Stone Ryba. Full perm sculpties, mesh items for builders, animals, art. 

Legend of China Fantasy China Dynasty Land.
“We have just changed our sim , our time now is QING MING Dynasty , come explore the mysteries at the Legend, builds are all accurate to the Period and looks almost as in RL , Our shop will provide you all you need to feel Royal, from a long Forgoten Dynasty, explore and look at the gardens , spend time with friends, take a moment to sit and meditate at the budha garden and explore the Gallery that is just near it .”

About alial Allen:

My store , Mesh , Sculpts and Textures .
mesh fish , underwater ,mesh corals , aquarium.
mesh animals mash low prim landscaping pots , vines and flowers
all what comes to my mind!

My Costumes are the work of Stone Ryba, this is from his profile:

Due to RL i am not online a lot
please send a note to alial allen
market place store

Historical Chinese Costums
Our shop will provide you all you need to feel Royal, from long Forgoten Dynastys

l truly had a great time with this sim, hope you do too!


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