The Steampunk Exhibit at The Skywalk Gallery in The Station The Blogger’s Exhibit – Opens May 4, 2014


I was very excited to be asked to join this exhibit. Blogging photos for myself and my promotions is what I do. I am also a huge fan of Steampunk and could not wait to go get fresh shots on some old and new sims I used. I’m adding a gallery of my unused shots to tease you. Please come by and support me and check out the major talented company I’m in below. All info on the bloggers exhibit below.

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Steampunk Exhibit Poster

Please join us!

The Steampunk Exhibit at The Skywalk Gallery in The Station The Blogger’s Exhibit

Opening Sunday May 4th at 1pm SLT

Steampunk attire suggested DJ: Kathrine Starfall

Featuring Invited bloggers as artists:

*Bear Silvershade

*Bouncer Criss

*Bryn Oh

*Burly Tigerpaw

*DanteAmore Rossini

*Honour McMillan

*Kathy Nikolaidis

*Sparkie Cyberstar

*Wicca Merlin

*Ziki Questi

The Skywalk gallery was desirous of finding a primarily steampunk style artist to feature. Many SL artists have dappled with creating an occasional steampunk image, but when unable to find one who focused on this, we began to consider how to gather some good steampunk art without taxing any one or two artists with having to make a whole series, when steampunk props and fashion can be relatively limited in SL. It occurred to us that so many bloggers are taking great photos of other’s works to feature on their blogs and really are making works of art themselves in doing so. For this steampunk exhibit we invited 10 SL bloggers to each submit up to 2 images. The result has been very exciting. Several of the selected bloggers are truly artists in their own right and perhaps blogging is secondary for them. We are grateful to all the contributors. We hope you enjoy the show.

The Skywalk Gallery has been host to some exceptional artists. “Technochory” (Bryn Oh and Sina Souza) and “Shadows in Black and White” (Selected FCP artists) remain in the Skywalk to also enjoy. Please explore it all along with the impressive sim.

The Station is a highly detailed steampunk styled sim with many sites to see on multiple levels, things to play on and with, two clubs, a full carnival with bumper cars, roller coaster, ferris wheel, carousel, multiple game rooms, many couples private areas, underwater show area, freebies around the sim, trains, trolleys, human slingshot, human cannon, airships, and gliders to ride and travel in, an impressive fun house, two large and two small theaters (the largest can be rented out for free for shows/events) and where movies can be watched, the art gallery, regular themed events at Miri’s club (Sun, Tues, and Thurs 6-8pm SLT) many hidden places to explore and find, some delightful inexpensive room rentals and stores, and so so much more. Come join the steampunk revolution!



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