Under The Linden Sea …..My Journeys and Discoveries- Part 1


I moved into a great house not long ago on The Blake Sea. I love to sail in SL and my view is amazing. One day I stepped off my dock and wandered onto the Linden Protected land the next sim in front of me , under water , and came across some arches, then a reef as I walked further and the more sims I walked the more I found, Even a ruined sunken city. I did it for a few weeks one by one in my off time. I had to and I know there’s more Thanks to Linden Department of Public Works, who are they? Read below. I was just Amazed at all the work done by the moles, and just had to try to see what it all means. I took many photos and I am showing my favorites below. I will get back to wandering soon above and below water to check out and show there’s more amazing builds by the LDPW and it’s moles .  Sim name will be in the caption of each photo.

See you in the depths riding the sharks!

The Group info:

The LDPW will organise teams of resident builders, artists and scripters to create new content for use by Linden Lab, and for the SL community. Resident builders (“moles”) will be provided with specific build projects and will oversee progress before taking ownership of the content once work is completed.

See http://blog.secondlife.com/2008/02/08/the-linden-department-of-public-works/ for the first announcement, and later blog posts for more info!

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