~ Please join me 3pm-5pm SLT @ Lollygagger Art Center for my Photography Exhibit Opening March 12th!

Sparkie Cyberstar Virtual Photographer
About Me:
I bring a style I feel is my own. My photography is all raw and untouched for the most part just cropped , maybe a border and signed. I do play with a few simple textures as you’ll see here and there.
I am a photoshop/gimp illiterate smile emoticon and decided to just work at shooting just a great shot without digital enhancement needed. I take photos of second Life of its beautiful worlds created who need no alteration to me. Sure I use windlight but other then that I would say I’m pretty traditional and my photos are pure through my eyes. I strive to bring out and show SL by shooting my photos as if I was in RL..
Please enjoy the beauty I find in SL.