New Photos taken at Netherwood



Netherwood while a fictional name is inspired by the picturesque English Lake District where i have lived all of my life, i decided it was time for me to do a build based on my local surroundings
which i have enjoyed on a daily basis for many years & share with others the experience and views i see every day, which i feel very grateful to have :).
I hope you enjoy my attempt at recreating a typical English Lake District Scene.

The Lake District (or Lakeland, as it’s often known) is by far and away the UK’s most popular national park. Every year, some 15 million people pitch up to explore the region’s fells and countryside, and it’s not hard to see why. Ever since the Romantic poets arrived in the 19th century, its postcard panorama of craggy hilltops, mountain tarns and glittering lakes has been stirring the imaginations of visitors.

It’s awash with outdoor opportunities, from lake cruises to mountain walks, but many people visit for the region’s literary connections; William Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter, Arthur Ransome and John Ruskin who all found inspiration here.

Be sure to turn up your volume and listen to the environment sounds across Netherwood šŸ™‚


Click the pictures at the TP point to visit my other build in SL

Note For Bloggers & Photographers
Feel free to blog anywhere in Netherwood, all i ask is you credit the location in the blog or flickr etc
thank you šŸ™‚
You can add your pics taken at Netherwood here šŸ™‚



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